Revisiting Those Resolutions

The first week of January the buzz word of every conversation seems to be “resolutions.”

That always gets me thinking I’m going to start this and I’m going to change that. But the reality is, I typically fizzle out on resolutions by the end of the first or second week. It’s as if I believe an enchanting fairy godmother will appear and magically transform me into a more disciplined person at midnight on January 1st.

Well, I’ve yet to meet my fairy godmother and I’m not really one for resolutions. First of all, “resolution” seems so formal and fancy. I prefer “goals.” I choose to set goals. Goals seem more achievable than resolutions.

This year I set four goals. Actually, more like lifestyle changes. Like most beginning-of-the-year-resolutions, the overall theme is to better me.

Some of these lifestyle changes have come easily, while others I have neglected. 

#1) My first goal was to start Our Blessed Abode.

I think I’m off to a decent start with this. This is my third post. (In case you missed the first two they are here and here, respectively.) Of course, I had hoped to be further along at this point. After all, I have oh-so-many ideas. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time to explore all of the plans floating around in my brain.

#2) Read more.

One book a month.  For years I did this consistently and I matured a lot during that time. However, I had really gotten off track and it was time to course correct. I’ve done well so far. Three months in and I’ve read three books. Yay!

#3) Lose weight.

This one hasn’t gone so well… I’ve actually gained weight! (Remember, that magical fairy godmother never did show up. So, I blame her.) But, I still have 9-ish months, right?  We all know exercise and weight loss go hand in hand. So, if I succeed in my final desire (to run a 5K this year), I’m sure the weight loss will happen too.

#4) Run a 5K.

I’m not a runner by any means. I’m a wannabe runner. I love the idea of being a runner. I love the results that running brings. A toned body, great cardiovascular health, and discipline. But the actual running? No, thank you. I’m kind of a pathetic runner. I have no form. I’m all over the place and I can’t regulate my breathing. I’ve started a running routine several times and I have never been able to stick with it. (sigh) Thus, the goal for a 5K because practice makes perfect. To be perfectly honest, I haven’t begun training for this!

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

So there you have it. My resolution achievements and downfalls of early 2019.

In retrospect, I believe an essential resolution to add to my list would be to extend myself more grace. (For those times I do fail.) Yes, it is good to set goals and actually achieve them. However, life doesn’t always happen as our neat little plans would have it. And in those times, it’s important to pause, adjust, and reset.

How about your resolution goals? Did you set any? If so, how are those going? I hope you are crushing it! But, if you are like me and haven’t totally stayed on track, give yourself grace. Surely, the coming months will bring more victories. After all, there are nine more months this year and we’ve already established there is nothing magical about January 1st.

It’s not about when you begin, it’s about your journey.

We can do this!

Design Your Life and Live Beautifully!


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  1. Amy Jones

    March 20, 2019 at 7:48 pm

    YOU are a talented writer! All your blogs have been inspirational, concise, and hit the motivational bullseye. Keep up the amazing work.

    1. Tessa Henry

      March 21, 2019 at 10:41 am

      Thank you, Amy! That means the world to me!!!

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